Making Payment

How does SetTotal protect my payments?

  • For Buyers
    Pay securely with your Paypal without exposing your details.When paying online, your details are protected by VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of protection commercially available).
  • For Sellers
    We verifies the credit card details for every transaction. You will only be asked to ship the order after we confirm payment is received.

Why did my payment fail?

If your payment for an order has failed, please check it is not due to the following situations:

  • Insufficient fund
    If you meet the insufficient fund error log when you are making payment by credit card, please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account and that payment for your order does not exceed your credit limit.
  • Exceed limit
    Please make sure the order amount does not exceed your credit card limit. Or the payment is unable to go through smoothly.

The 3-D security code failed
Please make sure that:

1. Your credit card should be authorized by your credit card issuer to make an online payment by activating 3-D Security Code.

2. Your credit card has activated 3-D security code. If you have not activated 3-D Security Code, please contact your card issuer with this issue.

The 3-D Security Code for Visa is called Verified by Visa (VBV) and for Master Card is called MasterCard Secure Code.

Verification failed
If your order has been closed for security reason, your payment will not be deducted by SetTotal. However, Paypal or some banks would hold this payment in this situation. Usually Paypal will hold your fund 3-5 business days, whereas the bank will reserve the payment for up to 7 business days before releasing back to the card holder. If you have any concern about your payment, please be advised to check with your credit card company for details.

Can I pay in my local currency?

Please note that all product prices and shipping costs on SetTotal are quoted in EURO (EUR €).

With Paypal it is easy to buy using your local currency, but you should be aware that Paypal may charge you in currency conversion for some countries and currencies. You should check your current currency on the market, whether by asking your local agent or bank.

The seller won’t accept online payments

All and every item/product that is present on is ONLY to be paid online. If your seller refuses to accept Paying on SetTotal, please report them to us by writing at

When you paying online on SetTotal, your details are protected by VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of protection commercially available). If you pay directly to the seller, SetTotal will unable to help you protect your money and will not interfere for any reason to resolve the dispute between you and the seller.

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